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About Bikeschool Kaprun

From dream to reality: the journey of Bikeschool Kaprun

How we started

We've fallen head over heels in love with mountain biking and we're thrilled to have been approached by our dear friends and partner company, Ski School Kaprun, who are well-known for their expertise in skiing. They've kindly offered their office space to us over the summer to help us bring biking to the masses. With the support of so many people, we've worked hard to build up Bike School Kaprun over the Winter of 2021/22, and now, in our first year of operation, we're excited to welcome riders of all levels to join us and explore Kaprun and its surrounding trails.

Our values


At our bike school, safety is our top priority. We believe in equipping our students with the proper gear and teaching them the proper techniques to ensure their safety on the trails. We also carefully select routes that prioritize safety and minimize risks, so our students can focus on enjoying the ride without worrying about potential hazards.


We value sustainability and strive to promote environmentally responsible practices in the cycling community. We encourage our students to adopt eco-friendly habits, such as reducing waste and choosing sustainable transportation options. We also work to preserve and protect the beautiful surroundings that make our rides so special.


At Bike School Kaprun, we believe that a strong sense of community is essential for a positive and fulfilling cycling experience. We strive to build lasting relationships between our staff and students, and to create a welcoming environment where riders of all levels can come together and share their passion for biking.

Who we are

At the heart of our bike school are ist the founder, Maria Steiner. With a deep passion for action sports and a down-to-earth attitude, she turned to biking as a thrilling summer activity after coming from a snowboarding background. As nature and sports enthusiasts with experience in biking and teaching, establishing a bike school was a natural fit that aligned with her values and expertise.

Maria Steiner

Hi, I'm Maria, your narrator and specialist in combining uphill and downhill biking. As a Kaprun local, I'll show you the best places and introduce you to the local culture and technical trails.

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Projects & collabs

We strive to align our projects and collaborations with our values. For instance, we recently partnered with G-out Tuning to upcycle second-hand mountain bikes and give them to children from low-income families. We also prioritize eco-friendly practices and require our partner brands to do the same. All our future projects will be planned under strict guidelines to minimize harm to the environment, allowing for more time spent exploring nature on our bikes.

Ask us anything

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